What are the health benefits of grapeseed oil?
Grapeseed oil is rich in antioxidants and Vitamin E,  and helps maintain healthy HDL and LDL cholesterol levels. Studies have shown it has regenerative and restructuring virtues due to its essential fatty acid content which is important for skin and cell membranes.

What is stevia?
Stevia is an herb that is 300x sweeter than sugar and has zero calories. It can safely be used by diabetics and it may help reduce high blood pressure and normalize blood sugar levels. Stevia does not promote tooth decay and has been shown in several studies to aid in calcium formation.

What is coconut nectar?
Coconut nectar is the sap derived from the coconut blossoms. It has a low glycemic index so it does not raise blood sugar levels,  the way refined sugar does, and can be safely used by diabetics. It is also rich with enzymes and highly nutritious.

What does it mean when something is organic?
Organic fruits, vegetables and grains are grown without the use of insecticides and other harmful elements. This benefits the growers, the consumers and the environment. At Sweet Debbie's we only use ingredients that have NOT been contaminated by unhealthful chemicals, preservatives, trans fatty acids or hydrogenated oils.

What does it mean when something is vegan?
A vegan is someone who is seeking a lifestyle free from animal products. Therefore when a food product is vegan it means it does not contain any animal products including milk, eggs and honey.

What does it mean when something is gluten-free?
A food that is gluten-free contains no wheat, rye or barley.

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